One of the ‘Seven Summits’, Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is the highest freestanding mountain in the world. Its summit rises high above the dusty plains and huge permanent glaciers flow down from its peaks; these views are the reward for pushing your limits both physically and mentally.


Why you should choose Kilimanjaro Trekking Club:

You do not have to worry about a jungle lion attacking you as a team of highly skilled professionals will always be there to make sure that you are safe. In case you are going for the first time, you will also be provided with some special services that will win your trust instantly. The professionals will also try their best to make you as comfortable as possible so that you don’t feel alone.

You will also be provided with high quality cameras so that you can take the memories with you when you go back. You will have the full authority of handling the camera all by yourself so that you can take the shots according to your desires. If you are new to those cameras, the professionals will also teach you how you need to use it.

People who are diehard fans of trekking mount Kilimanjaro and safari need to be sure about the reliability of the ropes and trekking equipment’s that are used. Kilimanjaro trekking is not a child’s play but it gets easier as the individuals are provided with highly trained coaches that make sure they are doing it right.

People choosing to go on mountain climbing are given excellent services by Kilimanjaro climbing companies that include organic food and camping equipment’s. They are also taught great surviving skills so that they can learn to stay alive if in case they get stuck in the middle of a jungle.

As far as the journey is concerned, you will have a great time trekking on mouth Kilimanjaro as it is uneven but provides you with a good experience that you will be able to forget. Wildlife safaris are also very impressive in Tanzania as the people get provided with lots of services that ensure their safety and good health. Holidays are all the more fun when you can have it all your way and therefore you need to make sure that you are contacting the best Kilimanjaro tour operators so that they can provide you relevant packages. Going out of the budget is not at all a solution as it can cost you greatly but there are various provisions for the people who belong to the low income groups. Choose your package wisely!

January to March

Dry and quiet

sun-iconThe weather in the first few months after the short rainy season is generally warm and dry. Away from the high season so relatively quiet, this is one of our favorite times to climb Kilimanjaro.



April and May

Long rainy season

rain-iconThe long rainy season in Tanzania normally occurs in April and May although it has become more unpredictable in recent years. If you don’t mind the rain you can have the mountain pretty much to yourself. And bear in mind you can nearly always get a good discount in this period.

June to early November

Dry but busy

sun-iconJune to early November are the driest months for your Kilimanjaro climb but particularly during August to October this means the mountain is very busy. The shoulder months of June and July and early November are good compromises if a little rain doesn’t deter you.

November to mid-December

Short rainy season

sunshine-showers-iconThe short rainy season normally starts towards the back end of November and continues for 3-4 weeks. Generally, rain is less persistent than in the main rains and so this is a good time to be on the mountain without the crowds