August 29, 2016

Kilimanjaro Gears

Mountain Kilimanjaro climbing is a breathtaking activity and should be clear that clothing well, slow pace as well as determination are the key to a successful climber. While climbing Kilimanjaro you have to observe the below gears facilities for your successful attempt. However it should be in mind that only Marangu route offers accommodation in huts leaving the rest of the route been using mobile tents which will be carried by your porters.

Apart from mobile tents other amenities such as water and cooking utensils are provided by us. Below are your important belongings and if you don’t have some of them you can simple rent from us as stipulated below.

Rain Trouser 30$
Balaclava 20$
Warm Jacket 15$
Warm Trouser 20$
A Pair of Walking Poles 15$
Gaiters 15$
Sunglasses 10$
Mittens 20$
Cap or Sun Hat 15$
Duffle Bag 20$
Pack Cover 15$
Thick Socks 15$
Heavy Socks 15$
Backpack 15$
Form Pad (Ridge Rest) 15$
Sleeping Pad (Inflating Thermarest) 10$
Waterproof breathable jacket & Pant 30$
Down Insulated Jacket 20$
Water Bottle 10$
Hiking Boots 28$
Poncho 10$
Bandanas 10$

Sizes available: Large and Extra-large.

Rental terms and conditions applicable in Tanzania: To avoid disappointment it is strongly recommended that all your rental equipment is booked well in advance of your planned trip.

Important: Please note that NO equipment must be washed by the clients under any circumstances.